Our Services

All Hair and Beauty Salon specialises in all hair types in these specific hair treatments areas.

CHEMICALS                           CUTTINGS                       HAIR-EXTENSIONS

*Hair-Relaxing                       *Trimming                          *Weave-on

*Curly Perm                            *Re-styling                        *u-part Wig/short-cap

*Colouring                                                                                *invisible pattern

BRAIDING                                    DREAD-LOCKS                BRIDAL HAIR

*Twisting                                           *Sister locks

*Single Plait                                     *interlocking

*Crotchet Braiding                     *Gel twisting

*Tree Braiding                                *Comb twisting

*Ghana Corn Rows

Since we acknowledge that we cannot treat all our clients the same, All hair and Beauty Salons will have a free consultation with you and your need before any service is carried out on your hair.

Call in or visit us in shop in either Nottingham or Sutton-in-Ashfield for your free consultation and the right price for the service tailored to meet your specific requirement.

All Hair And Beauty Salon